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tseriesTARMA: R package for the analysis of non-linear time series through TARMA models (with Greta Goracci and contributions by K.-S. Chan.)

Status: on CRAN: 

tseriesEntropy: R package for entropy based tests for time series (with Greta Goracci).

Status: on CRAN:

tseriesChaos: R package for the Analysis of Nonlinear Time Series (with Antonio Fabio di Narzo and contributions by Mototsugu Shintani, Vanderbilt University).}

Status: on CRAN: 

CoClust: R package for copula based cluster analysis (with F.M.L Di Lascio)

Status: on CRAN: 

CoImp: R package for copula based multivariate imputation (with F.M.L Di Lascio).

Status: on CRAN: 

mathDNA: R package for genomic sequence analysis motivated by the non-power model of the genetic code.

Status: Beta stage  

multilevelRCS:  Multilevel Models for Repeated Cross Sections (with Lucia Modugno and Silvia Cagnone)

Status: Alpha stage - multilevelRCS_0.1-1.tar.gz